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2022 State of Digital Lab Transformation Industry Survey: Why Biopharma Is Replatforming To The Cloud

74% of biopharma organizations are replatforming their scientific data to the cloud to improve outcomes and speed discovery. Download the survey report to learn why now is the time for cloud adoption.

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Should biopharma replatform to the cloud? 

Recently, we partnered with Pharma IQ to survey industry leaders and insiders about their organizations’ strategies for cloud adoption, digital labs, FAIR data and machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

The 2022 State of Digital Lab Transformation in Biopharma Survey results indicate a strong case to replatform scientific data to the cloud  — with many industry leaders identifying the move as critical in order to improve scientific outcomes and accelerate discovery. 

Even as cloud adoption accelerates in the industry, obstacles remain. However, there is evidence of significant technological progress within biopharma and data-centric solutions are illuminating the path towards full adoption.

Access the full report for insights into a critical initiative gaining momentum in biopharma, considerations that need to be taken into account when replatforming, and how improved, cloud-based data management enables biopharma organizations to:

  • Speed lab digitization initiatives and digital data strategies

  • Provide FAIR data to accelerate research and scientific outcomes

  • Adopt to continuously evolving business needs