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Webinar: Cloud Native Biopharmas Sprint Ahead

Too many biopharmas run into the same old hurdles – on-premises and cloud silos, legacy systems, ad hoc file shares, and proprietary data formats. These approaches keep data locked up, static, and reliant upon error-prone manual processes. Scientists and Data Scientists cannot reliably access their critical data, often resulting in repeated experiments and time-consuming searching. There’s a better way to manage scientific data. And, we’ll show you how leading biopharmas are freeing up their scientific data and tapping its full potential. Join TetraScience and AWS for a lively discussion on how biopharmas can adopt a cloud-native, centralized solution to manage their scientific data, increase productivity and reduce risks. Attendees will learn: How to avoid or overcome scientific data management hurdles How to collect scientific data from multiple instruments and applications and bring them together in one place in the cloud to become searchable, actionable, archivable and restorable How other biotechs have solved these problems successfully and used their scientific data to sprint ahead with The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ Through real-life lessons and examples of other biotechs, participants will learn how to break down scientific data silos and race towards innovative science.