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SOLUTION BRIEF Corporate Headquaters | 177 Huntington Avenue, Suite 1703, Boston, MA 02115 Atlanta | 3280 Peachtree Road NE, 7th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30305 © 2022 TetraScience, Inc. tetrascience.com REALIZE THE FULL POTENTIAL OF YOUR SCIENTIFIC DATA WITH TETRA R&D DATA CLOUD Biopharma organizations are increasing the time and resources invested into generating and managing data to fuel future innovations that save lives and benefit humanity. Data silos, inaccessibility, and innumerable vendor-specific data formats all prevent organizations from realizing the full potential of their scientific data. As the volume and complexity of data increase exponentially, data processing, management, and analytics must accelerate to enable research breakthroughs and the advancement of new therapeutics. A traditional scientific data management system (SDMS) — even when cloud-based — acts as a filing cabinet, providing scientists with capabilities such as storing and retrieving raw data from a central location. However, these solutions largely treat data as a "black box" and do not provide information about file contents or the scientific context that generated them. Without this information, it is impossible to search within the data or gain insights. Additionally, an SDMS provides limited support for integrations with instruments and applications from different vendors, reducing solution flexibility and requiring teams to manually locate and process data. There must be a better way... TETRA R&D DATA CLOUD Powered by the Tetra Data Platform, Tetra R&D Data Cloud goes beyond traditional data management solutions with its ability to harmonize and centralize data with different vendor formats, enrich it with scientific content, and gain actionable insights from advanced analytics, visualizations and more. Move Beyond Data Management Productized, configurable integrations with thousands of different instruments allow TetraScience to quickly connect all of your lab instruments and informatics applications. Actionable and liquid Tetra Data transforms data from across disconnected sources and different vendors into a harmonized format, allowing scientists to discover insights from all data captured. Data-centric capabilities, engineered for scientists by scientists, cover the full lifecycle of data acquisition, harmonization, visualization and AI/ML. Domain expertise of the Tetra Solutions team greatly reduces the cost and time to create and maintain data workflows, allowing scientists and IT to use their talents and expertise where they are needed most. Dynamically scalable, cloud- native infrastructure allows users to easily manage increasing volumes of data in a secure and compliant environment.

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